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Language on Film DVD

Routes into Languages East has commissioned a collection of materials to use with year 9. The materials consist of about one hour's pre-teaching for the film and one hour's teaching after watching the film. Series Editor is Rachel Hawkes of Comberton Village College.

We were very fortunate to be able to watch the films at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse, having piloted the materials with year 9 pupils from local Cambridgeshire schools.

Let us know what you think...  

We continue to develop more materials - so far, we have the following:


Netto (not suitable below Year 9)


Neuilly Sa Mere (not suitable below Year 9)

Voces Inocentes

El Misterio del Paz

Les Choristes

Die Rote Jacke - materials by Benjamin Pohl

Ausreisser - materials by Benjamin Pohl

Meine Eltern - materials by Benjamin Pohl 


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German: Netto

The first pack developed for German is for Netto, with materials created by Leigh McClelland of Comberton Village College

Download pdfs:

French: Kirikou et la sorcière

The first pack developed for French is for Kirikou et la sorcière, with materials created by Steph Hopkins.

Download pdfs: 

Spanish: Valentín

The first pack developed for Spanish is for Valentín, with materials created by Alicia Pena-Calvo of Anglia Ruskin University.

Download pdfs:

Language on Film Training DVD

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Stage 1: Development
  4. Stage 2: Pre-production
  5. Stage 2: Pre-production - Shots
  6. Stage 2: Pre-production - Storyboard & Shotlist
  7. Stage 3: Production
  8. Stage 4: Post-Production
  9. Stage 5: Exhibition, Distribution and Archiving
  10. Winning Film 2010
  11. Film example 1
  12. Film example 2