***NEW!*** Haikus in HE - a collection of foreign language Haikus inspired by the University of Sussex campus

Priecigus Ziemassvetkus! - a German resource about Latvian Christmas traditions

Frohe Weihnachten! - a German resource comparing English, German and Latvian Christmas traditions (with questions)

Languages and music festivals (Way2Go)

Languages & Culture quiz (answers here)

Die drei Schweinchen - the story of the The Three Little Pigs translated into German

LANGUAGE AMBASSADOR PROFILES - find out how people across the South use languages in their jobs

Dr Catherine Watts

Clare Forder

Lindsey Dodd

Aloyse Gascoigne

Claire McCarthy

Kirsty Frame

Roxanne Ganewski

Chris Liebert

LANGUAGES CARDS (grammar and vocabulary tips, tongue twisters and language facts)

French card

German card

Italian card


Kinder Krimiserie - a script for "Junior Crimewatch" in German complete with filming instructions

German vocabulary for Kinder Krimiserie

Témoin Numéro 1 - a script for "Junior Crimewatch" in French complete with filming instructions

French vocabulary for Témoin Numéro 1


Materials for a football and languages project in French and Spanish are available on a password-protected page. Please email for details.


Spanish worksheet relating to the Mexican festival of El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Picture matching activity in Spanish

Presentation about Day of the Dead (suitable for KS3)

Los Esqueletos lyrics and vocabulary (includes link to YouTube song)

Template for making skeleton puppet

Skull templates for mask making

Examples of decorated skull masks


Top tips for parents of language learners