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Promoting the take-up of languages and student mobility

Styles Guides and logos for communication

Style guide and templates

Style guide (388 KB)


NW logos (1.44 MB)
NE logos (2.03 MB)
YH logos (1.50 MB)
EM logos (1.45 MB)
WM logos (2.92 MB)
East logos (1.37 MB)
SW logos (1.44 MB)
South Logos (1.38 MB)
London logos (1.39 MB)
NNT logos (1.59 MB)
NNI logos (1.61 MB)

I love languages... do you? activity pack

Tiff and eps files are for professional printing.


Spelling bee



Hefce logo small (2.73 KB)

Hefce logo  (24.83 KB)