Film Resources 

Following the success of our film days organised with Tyneside Cinema, here are the resources for use with the films.

Angel-A Resource Pack

L'auberge Espagnole Resource Pack

L'auberge Espagnole (Presentation)

Devil's Backbone Resource Pack

The Miracle of Bern

Das Wunder von Bern (Vortrag)

Entre Les Murs (Resource Pack)

Goodbye Lenin (Resource Pack)

Les Choristes (Resource Pack)

María llena eres de gracia (Resource Pack)

Fauteuils D'Orchestre (GCSE Resource Pack)

Potiche (Resource Pack)

Mar Adentro (Resource Pack)

Das Leben der Anderen (Resource Pack)

Le Havre (Resource Pack)

Diarios de Motocicleta (Resource Pack)

Spelling Bee Example


Follow the links below to watch pupils competing at last year's regional spelling bee final in French and Spanish. You can register for this year's spelling bee here. Apologies for the sound quality - turn your volume up to full and you should be able to hear it!

French competition

Spanish compeition

Apprentice Mini-film


Click here to watch our montage of the apprentice series 7, episode 8 where candidates meet with success or failure depending on their ability to speak French.

Festival of International Culture - Resources now available

Please click here to download the greetings cards used in the 'find your tribe' game together with a user's guide.

Language Ambassador Profiles

Routes into Languages has been scouting the region for language ambassadors, people whose languages have taken them to places they never dreamed of and who are now sharing their experiences to inspire another genaration of language learners. From professional rugby player to multi-business owner, languages are your gateway to success. Read on for inspiration!

Douglas Allen
Tamara Bloom
James Backx
Silmara Hodge
Julie Morris
Nicola Kitamura
Sabrina Mimid
Steph Mcfarlane
Gemma Sutcliffe


Sommerfest Resources

Resources from the Sommerfest seminar held on Monday 20th September are available here to download.

Seminar Programme

Ich muss ins Krankenhaus lyrics

Arguments for defending German

Beat the Rat Race

The presentations used during the three breakout workshops at the Beat the Rat Race employability event on 17th November are now available to download below.

Interview Do's and Don'ts - Adrian Naylor

Securing a Work Placement Abroad - Margret Evans

Making the Most of Languages on your C.V. - Ruth O'Rourke

Panellist Profiles

Languages and Sports

Have you ever thought about combining languages and sports?  The UK will be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games and thousands of people from all over the world will be visiting London and beyond for this monumental event.  Do we need any better excuse to learn a foreign language?!

Here are some articles from a recent edition of Way2Go magazine:

Languages and the Olympics

Sports and languages

Why not check out the Angry Olympics and sports vocabulary lists on Linguacast for German, Spanish, French and Chinese.

University Language Courses in the North East

Routes into Languages North East has produced a document detailing all the language-related courses available at universities in the North East region.  Check it out by clicking here!  If you have any questions, just drop us an email!



Way2Go North East

Routes into Languages has worked with the Way2Go North East magazine on a number of articles related to language-learning. Here are copies of the articles that appeared in a recent edition:

Languages Take You Further 1

Languages Take You Further 2

Languages Take You Further 3

Try Life In Another Language

Web learning

Newcastle University and the Open University in the North construct a web portal to link language learners across the region in a variety of innovative ways. Emphasis is placed equally on performance pedagogy and creative participation.

Click here to visit the LINGUACAST and UNIVERSED sites!

Realising the Strategic Importance of Languages

All resources from before, during and after the event with Baroness Coussins on 11th January will be published here. Please feel free to download and distribute them yourselves.

Pre-event Resources

CILT 7-14 Project: ensuring effective transition from KS2 into KS3 (CILT, September 2010)

CILT Primary Languages Survey (CILT, September 2010)

Multilingualism: an asset for Europe and a shared commitment (European Union, 2008)

Education: Languages, Question for Short Debate 28/10/2010 (ALL, 2010)

Association for Language Learning: Consultation With Members 2010 (ALL, 2010)

Identifying good practice: a survey of college provision in English language and literature, and modern foreign languages (OFSTED, 2009)

The Importance of Teaching: The Schools White Paper 2010 (Department of Education, 2010)

Second Languages and Australian Schooling - sections one and five are particularly relevant.

Languages: The Facts - compiled by Clare Seccombe. Please visit Clare's blog for more information and loads of language related news.


Baroness Coussins' Keynote Address

Richard Hardie's Keynote Address

Event Resources

Realising the Strategic Importance of Languages - powerpoint presentation

Thumbs up, Thumbs down!

The Bigger Picture - courtesy of Ben from meeting magic

Contact details for North East Education Business Partnerships