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Promoting the take-up of languages and student mobility

Community and Lesser Taught Languages Conference - Presentations

North West

The Community and Lesser-Taught Languages Conference at the City Inn Hotel was a real success.
Please find attached the presentations from both days of the Conference.

Wednesday 18th November:
- The development of a strategy for promoting community and lesser-taught languages in the North West, by Sharon Handley (Routes into Languages, NW)

- Valorising Community Languages, by Professor Itesh Sachdev (SOAS)

- A strategy for the development of the teaching and learning of all World Languages, by James O'Donoghue and David Mallows (TDA)

- Bilingual pupils and MFL: a report on pupil perceptions, with implications for practice, by Pura Ariza (MMU)

- Our Languages: promoting community cohesion through diversity, by Sarah Cartwright (CiLT)

- Language, identity and belonging in Lancashire and Mirpur, by Anthony Capstick (Lancaster University)

- Complementary and Mainstream School Partnerships: A Case Study, by Craig Brown (Chatham Grammar School for Boys) and Nilufar Chowdhury (Bengali Complementary School)

- What are Supplementary Schools?, by Mohamed Elhaddad (University of West England)

- Urdu in HE market research: process and results, by Stephen Toal (Aspect MR Manchester)

- Signall II: Raising the profile of Signed Languages within Europe, John Walker (University of Sussex)

- Language applicants to HE: analysing the statistical evidence, Jo Wiggans (Aimhigher)

Parental attitudes to language learning in Arabic and Chinese supplementary schools: a case study, by Amy Wang (MMU) and Stella Bullo-Alos (Routes into Languages North West)

- Triple your uptake! How NVQ language units can motivate, inspire and raise attainment, by Juliet Park (Lead Practitioner for the SSAT, Regional Advisor for ALL)

Thursday 19th November:

Promoting diversity in language learning: the role of teacher education, by Gee Macrory (IoE, MMU)

- Developing Chinese classrooms in the UK: some implications for teacher education, by Feixia Yu (UCLan), Amy Wang (MMU) and Gee Macrory (IoE, MMU)

- Supporting the Italian Studies curriculum: the holistic approach of Manchester, by Elena Polisca (University of Manchester), supported by Charles Pybus and Caroline Foster (University of Manchester, Routes Steering Group)

- Visual e-Lingua: how to empower new e-Learning technologies to support visual based learning and teaching of COLT languages, by Mourad Diouri (University of Edinburgh)

- Students' attitudes and cultural awareness through learning Chinese, by Qi Zhang (MMU)

- Towards a critical model of teacher education for Languages of the Wider World, by Joanne Eastlake and Ian Newby (SOAS-UCL)

- Creativity in the community languages classroom, by Jim Anderson and Yu-Chiao Chung (Goldsmiths, University of London)

- Using film for teaching community and lesser taught languages: multiliteracies through film, by Carmen Herrero (MMU)

- Showcasing good practice in teaching and community languages, by Naresh Chandla (Wolverhampton Local Authority)

- To film or not to film? A case study of using 'Little Red Flowers' on a Chinese GCSE Day, by Amy Wang, Robert Hamilton and Qi Zhang (MMU)

- Community Language Learning: from three different perspectives, by Emine Cakir Surmeli and Julien Boast (SOAS)

- The Context of COLT, by Richard Towell (Routes into Languages Chair)