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Promoting the take-up of languages and student mobility

Languages Challenge

Sunday, 26 September, 2021 - 01:00 to Friday, 22 July, 2022 - 01:00
East of England

Welcome to the Languages Challenge

It has now been validated as part of the National Children's University for those people registered on the programme!

The Languages Challenge has been created to support and reward pupils who love languages and want to use their languages creatively in their own time. Pupils complete a series of tasks and present the evidence to the designated Routes into Languages teacher in their school.
The Languages Challenge gives you the chance to complete all sorts of language based tasks so you can improve your knowledge and understanding of other languages and cultures. On successful completion of the Languages Challenge with 100 points, you will be able to claim 10 hours for your Children's University portfolio.
The Languages Challenge was devised by Vincent Everett of Northgate School Dereham as an invitation to pupils to become independent learners. With Languages Challenge you can learn new words and evaluate different strategies for doing so. You can hunt down your own resources and let us know what they think of them. You can use your language in a hobby or interest of your own. You can organize language events with your friends. And you can do things we would never have thought of....!

The Languages Challenge is for any pupil wanting to work on their languages according to their own interests, needs and personal circumstances. We are looking for commitment, creativity and enthusiasm. You may have an older pupil to act as mentor, who will help you along the way. You can use it for any language - either one you're learning at school, but want to explore further or perhaps one you speak  at home.

There are 7 categories:

  • Learning the Basics,
  • Using your Talents,
  • Research,
  • Culture,
  • Creativity,
  • Resources,
  • Futures.

Each category has a choice of tasks. You must complete at least one task from each category.

Tasks are worth 5,10 or 15 points. To successfully complete the Languages Challenge, you are aiming for a total of 100 points. 

You must keep evidence of each task in your portfolio. This could be in the form of photographs, videos, or writing. You will also need to write up an overall self-evaluation explaining what you have achieved and what you have learnt. The whole portfolio will be submitted to the designated Routes into Languages East teacher in your school. You may be asked to choose one of your outcomes to be performed, shown or presented to parents and visitors at the Children's University Graduation Ceremony or a celebration in your school. 

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