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Promoting the take-up of languages and student mobility


Languages and your future

Want to know more about how langages can help your career prospects?

Routes into Languages has produced Languages and your future, a resource aimed at secondary school pupils to encourage them to learn languages by telling them about the employability benefits of knowing a foreign language. It combines languages, skills and professions to show pupils how they are all linked and to encourage them to think about the skills you gain by learning a language.

The printed resource consists of the following: an A2 poster about employability; 10 profiles of people who use languages in their careers; a 3D object decorated with languages skills to assemble in class; a set of cards in French, German and Spanish and an information booklet.

On this page you can also download:

  • Additional profiles (those included in the printed resource are followed by a *)
  • The A2 poster
  • The information booklet
  • A table with content from the cards
  • A classroom activity sheet, with suggestions for activities to carry out with the cards, profiles and 3D object, as well as assembly instructions for the 3D object.
  • Templates for 2 3D objects