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Llysgenhadon Ieithoedd

Mae Llwybrau at Ieithoedd wedi bod yn chwilio am ieithyddion ledled y wlad ac wedi cynhyrchu’r gyfrol newydd hon o ‘Broffiliau gan Lysgenhadon Ieithoedd.’ Mae’r bobl hyn yn defnyddio eu hieithoedd bob dydd mewn ystod eang o swyddi o Gysylltiadau...

Language Ambassadors

Routes into Languages Cymru has been scanning the country for linguists and have produced this set of 'Language Ambassador Profiles'. These people use their languages every day in a wide range of jobs from International Relations to Corporate...

Day of the Dead materials

A collection of materials relating to the Mexican festival of El Dia de Los Muertos. Includes:

A presentation suitable for KS3 about El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Includes video link and associated vocabulary.

Day of the...

Careers in Interpreting

A useful leaflet which provides further information on the following careers:

Freelance interpreter

In-house interpreter

Conference interpreter

Public service interpreter

Telephone interpreter

Voice over...

Careers in Translation

A useful leaflet which provides further information on the following careers:

In-house translator

Freelance translator

Localisation project manager

Translation project manager

Editor, proofreader


Conference Publication

This publication has been produced in conjunction with "Language Learning and Teaching: Future Routes" conference to collate and disseminate the papers and reports presented.

Language Champions

We have collected a range of inspirational career profiles of people who have studied languages at university or who now use languages in their day to day jobs. Find out what these people have to say about the benefits of their language skills in...

Careers with Languages: Profiles from the North East

Developed through the Routes into Languages North East annual Beat the Rat Race careers event, the resource features profiles of four local linguists, each using their languages in a variety of different sectors. The resource provides a...

French on Film

The workshop combines language use with discussion of film style and genre, to get students to think about the lives of young French people today and to make comparisons with their own experiences.

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling promotes an alternative way of supporting language learning and the use of multimedia IT resources in schools. Students narrate stories in the target language based on images, through animated presentations developed on...

Greeting Cards for Find your tribe icebreaker game, user guide to Find your tribe

Game used at NE festivals of international culture to introduce new pupils to one another through foreign cultural tradition.

Interview dos and don’ts for Languages

Presentation used at Beat the Rat Race in interview technique workshop.

University Language Courses in the North East

Guide to language courses offered by universities and colleges in north-east England. 

Priecigus Ziemassvetkus!

A German text about Latvian Christmas traditions. Useful for a listening exercise and for themed/seasonal work about Christmas traditions in other countries.

Frohe Weihnachten

A German resource comparing English, German and Latvian Christmas traditions. Includes questions.

Languages and music festivals (Way2Go article)

A magazine article talking about languages and music festivals. Includes useful phrases and a list of European music festivals.

Languages & Culture quiz (+ answers)

A languages and cultures quiz useful for ice breakers or introducing/ending a Why Study Languages talk. Fifteen questions about languages and cultures.

Die drei Schweinchen

The story of The Three Little Pigs translated into German.

Language Ambassador profiles

Eight language ambassador profiles looking at different ways in which languages can be used in jobs and careers.

Languages Cards (French, German & Italian)

Language cards in French, German and Italian containing useful grammar and vocabulary tips, tongue twisters and language facts.