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WINNERS - MFL Speaking Competition 2015 (sub-regional finals)

South West

List of Winners & Runners-up




KS3 Non-Native

Winner: Olivia Mears, Plymouth College (French)

Winner: Emma Rawicz-Szczerbo, West Buckland School (Spanish)

Runner-up: Darcy Brown, Tavistock College, (Spanish)


KS3 Near-Native                               

Winner: Thomas Cosby, Plymouth College (French)

Runner-up: Elena Espinosa Cabrera, West Buckland School (Spanish)


KS4 Non-Native                                

Winner: Bethany Williams, Truro School (French)

Runner-up: Sophie Welch, Pilton Community College (German)


KS4 Near-Native                   

Winner: Florence Cameron-Webb, Truro School (German)

Runner-up: Laura Cosby, Plymouth College (French)


KS5 Non-Native                                

Winner: Nini Gigani, Truro School (Russian)

Runner-up: Sauri Roche-Walker, Plymouth College (Spanish)


KS5 Near-Native                               

Winner: Luc Dewulf, Plymouth College (French)

Runner-up: Imogen Woollard, The Gryphon School (French)





KS3 Non-Native

Winner: James Moses, Highcliffe School (German)

Runner-up: Aneesha Iqbal, Oasis Academy John Williams (Spanish)


KS3 Near-Native                               

Winner: Shems Preisner, St. Bede's Catholic College (French)

Runner-up: Mathias Folkesson, Warminster School (Spanish)


KS4 Non-Native                                

Winner: Lenny Montague, Chew Valley School (Spanish)

Runner-up: Abin Varghese, St. Bede's Catholic College (Spanish)                                                                

KS4 Near-Native                   

Winner: Alex Conway, St. Bede's Catholic College (Polish)

Runner-up: Charlotte Laurent , The Royal High School (German)


KS5 Non-Native                                

Winner: Kathryn Moses, Highcliffe School (Spanish)

Runner-up: Tessa Rizzoli, Highcliffe School (German)

Runner-up: Livia Russell, Downe House School (French)


KS5 Near-Native                               

Winner: Amelia Milne, Downe House School (Polish)

Runner-up: Kimberley Crowhurst, The Royal High School (Mandarin)





KS3 Non-Native

Winner: Hanna Doherty, Farmor's School (French)

Runner-up: Katie Mitchell, Nova Hreod Academy (French)


KS3 Near-Native                               

Winner: Jakub Wrobel, Farmor's School (Polish)

Runner-up: Daniel Cerpakovs, Lydiard Park Academy (Russian)


KS4 Non-Native                                

Runner-up: Leah White, Cleeve School (Spanish)


KS5 Non-Native                                

Winner: Alice Green, Farmor's School (Spanish)

Winner: Ben Whitfield, St. Bede's Catholic College (Spanish)




All winners & runners-up are invited to compete in the South West Regional Final on Wednesday 24th June at the University of Bath.