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Promoting the take-up of languages and student mobility

A-Level Enrichment Programme from the University of Huddersfield

Yorkshire and the Humber

The University of Huddersfield, with support from Routes into Languages, has been working with Ossett Academy on an enrichment programme for A level students at Ossett Academy.


Students looked at a wide range of linguistic and cultural topics, designed to enhance and enrich their studies and to provide a boost to their A Level preparations.


During the six-week programme, students deepened their knowledge of food, tradition and major industries, as well as elements of popular and traditional culture, such as films, literature and music.


In analysing language, they looked at youth language, regional dialects and the changes caused by the international influence of English.


Students produced articles examining some of these issues in greater depth. These were then shared with the rest of the group, enabling everyone to benefit from more information on each of the topics.


For more information contact Malcolm Pollard: