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iPod Competition Entries!

North West

Thank you to everyone who submitted an Entry for the iPod Competition for the Winter season Language Enrichment Events! There have been some great entries with photos, poetry, and accounts of the day. The winner will be announced shortly. In the meantime, please find below some of the quotes from the pupils:


From Ulverston Victoria High School: "The day was extremely fun and I would like to do it again. It introduced me to languages I had never tried and I now am thinking about taking up other Languages because they are fun and will help me in later life".

"I really enjoyed our language day because it was active, everyone was involved and we learnt some very different languages and about their countries' cultures". "By learning these new Languages we were able to see the links between them and the languages we are used to learning".


From Lowton High School: "Experiencing a brand new Language was great! I felt as if I could learn anything I wanted if I could grasp the two Languages I was taught. It has made me feel more confident that there are no limits to what I can achieve if I can have a full conversation in two Languages I had never spoken before. Learning the new Languages has made me feel even stronger that a Language is so important when job hunting and can make you stand out from the crowd. This event has really made me aware of just how important Languages are".

"It was interesting and informative and I learned so much about other cultures. It has also made me stop and think even more about taking a Language in my options as I want to learn more about the world".


From Streatham House School: "This day was one of my unforgettable experiences and I hope my school organises another visit!".

"I would like to thank Routes into Languages for teaching me some Italian, Urdu and general knowledge, but mostly for teaching me how important learning Languages are; you have made me much more willing to continue learning Languages and I will definitely carry on learning languages for as long as possible!".


From Parrs Wood High School: "I like to experience new languages and culture this is because you can learn a lot, for example the way of life for different people around the world. I think this event has made me think differently about different languages and cultures (...) I think after this event I would like to learn more languages at GCSE, A Levels and I might even consider it at university".


From The Hammond School: "I would prefer to learn Chinese than French as it is completely different and I also think Chinese writing is very pretty".

"I had a brilliant day out. I didn't expect it to be that fun".


From Cockermouth School: "We are fast becoming a multilingual society and there are many places that you are able to expand your knowledge (...) it shows you how knowing another language can help you in life". "I feel that the event has changed my views on language, I didn't think that learning one language would help you so much in life".

"After this day it has made me think differently about what jobs I could do in the future if I took a Language now (...) So when picking my options, I can definitely say that I'll be taking one or two Languages. I also would just like to say thank you for making my day enjoyable and helping me make my decision about taking a language".


From Cedar Mount High School: “My thoughts about language learning are that is is just as important as other types of learning. This is because if you have a GCSE in a foreign language then you have a better chance of getting the job you want and it is easier for you to learn other languages. In addition, when you know other languages and you visit other countries, you can understand what people are saying and you can communicate with others”.

“The whole day was brilliant and everyone enjoyed it. I now know more about Italian and Urdu and understand that language lessons are as important as all our other lessons!”.


From West Hill School: “There are many job opportunities available for people who are skilled in languages which makes me want to learn languages for GCSE’s”.