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Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Yorkshire and the Humber

Chinese New Year 2010 was celebrated with much enthusiasm by students from David Young Community Academy, Holy Trinity Senior School, Minsthorpe Community College and St Bede's Catholic Grammar School. The activities available were paper cutting, calligraphy, Chinese painting, the Chinese language, a virtual tour of China and a Chinese meal. Nicola’s thank you message sums up the value of the day:

Thank you very much for the Chinese day that you organised. I really enjoyed the day, it was fun and I learned a lot. My favourite part was when we did the Chinese writing because I really like to paint and it was something I had never done before. My Mum and Dad were really impressed with what I had done and so was I. I really enjoy languages so it was a really good experience to learn a different language.

An opportunity for the schools students to talk to the Language Ambassadors and to write a short piece about their experiences with languages completed a busy and very successful event.