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Promoting the take-up of languages and student mobility

SPLAS Roadshow

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Friday, 30 April, 2010 - 00:00
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North East
St Bede's Catholic Comprehensive School, LAnchester

The SPLAS Roadshow complements the Spanish Film Day which, through taking various Spanish films as its theme, promotes Spain, its celebrities, culture, history and language. This 'roadshow' balances the focus on Spain by offering a heightened intercultural understanding of lusophone and Latin American countries, languages, and cultures.
This Roadshow is part of the wider Routes into Languages North East programme which aims to increase the take-up of language study from school to university. During the academic year 2009/10 Routes NE takes Spanish and its associated cultures and languages as a project focus.


The event will be a carousel event of activities, with four main stations:


1. Dance Latin America! - Spanish-directed dance class, introducing the history and culture behind some of the dances.

2. The Colours of Slavery - a look at 19th Century slavery in Brazil, and resulting Brazilian ideas of race.

3. What the Festival Owner’s Daughter Didn’t - taster course in the Quechuan language as well as exploration of traditional Andean clothing and music.

4. What’s It Really Like? - Question session with Student Ambassadors to find out the truth about studying languages and student life.

Any school cancelling within 2 weeks of the planned event date may be asked to pay a £25 cancellation fee per school. We hope to refund this if a replacement school can be found.