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Primary Bee

Monday, 26 September, 2022 - 08:00 to Thursday, 20 July, 2023 - 17:00
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East of England


Following the first ever live National Final for the Routes into Languages MFL Primary Bee, we're delighted to announce the following winners:

1st B C The Dolphin School, Bristol
2nd C R M The Elms, Long Eaton
3rd S G The Dolphin School, Bristol
4th N L The Elms, Long Eaton
1st S C City of London School for Girls
2nd A-J A City of London School for Girls
3rd A C City of London School for Girls
4th A C City of London School for Girls
1st F S Gladstone Primary Academy
2nd A H Gladstone Primary Academy
3rd K A Gladstone Primary Academy
4th E W Alexandra Primary School

Huge congratulations to them and all concerned in their success!

The competition continues and the 2023 quest for winners launches officially on the European Day of Languages (26th September 2022), but registration is NOW open

The Primary Bee is for students in Years 5 & 6 who have started learning a foreign language ab initio in KS2 to practise and improve their vocabulary, pronunciation and memory skills in the target language (French, Spanish and German)

Words and phrases have been selected according to the work of NCELP (National Centre for Excellence in Language Pedagogy) which highlights the importance of word frequency in informing vocabulary learning, particularly during the early stages of language development. The list includes many high-frequency words (e.g., some numbers, some colours, some verbs, days of the week, question words and a number of common verbs to help early learners to acquire a robust knowledge of verb vocabulary. 

We are delighted to enjoy the generous sponsorship of Vocab Express, who are hosting the Primary Bee website, and offering competitors’ schools free access to their online vocabulary learning platform for the duration of the Primary Bee, for the words included in the competition. Students will therefore be able to practise translating the competition words through the site’s interactive learning mechanism both from school and at home. They will also be able to perfect their listening skills, using the site’s ever-growing database of audio files. The national winner’s school in each language will also be awarded a free subscription to Vocab Express for 2023/24.


The cost is £25 for state schools and £50 for non-state schools. Please use this link to pay for your school's entry fee before registering for this year's competition

Then register here

You will then receive the Primary Bee Teacher's Pack, with the word lists and all the info needed to run the Primary Bee in your school.

Please note that refunds will not be possible - it is the school's responsibility to ensure that having registered the school participates in the competition.

Add your Stage 1 winners to the form by clicking here 

Add your Stage 2 winners to the form by clicking here