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Mother Tongue Other Tongue

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Thursday, 31 January, 2013 - 00:00 to Saturday, 30 November, 2013 - 00:00
East of England


We are very excited that the Routes East Celebration Event for Mother Tongue Other Tongue will take place on Thursday 24th October at 4.00, in the Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.


Congratulations to all your shortlisted MTOT competitors. As mentioned in the previous email, we would love them to read out their poems at the Celebration Event. We are compiling an anthology of shortlisted poems and each of the shortlisted candidates will receive a copy. There will be extra copies available for sale to schools, friends and family, with proceeds going to Save the Children Fund.


Winners will be announced on the day and will be invited to the National Celebration Day in Manchester on November 7th

Seats are available for all participants as well as family and friends but places are limited


Booking is now open at




Mother Tongue Other Tongue  

We’re extending this tried and tested multilingual poetry competition that celebrates cultural diversity and the many languages currently spoken in secondary schools from Routes into Languages North West to Routes into Languages East.



Free and open to: 11-18 year olds (Years 7-13)

Age categories are as follows:

*    KS3 (Secondary years 7,8,9)

*    KS4 (Secondary years 10,11)

*    KS5 (Secondary years 12,13)

Each school should select the 3 best entries per year group.

Deadline: Friday 19th July 2013

Winners will be selected by a panel of judges and winning entries will feature in an anthology. Winners will be invited to the celebration event.·      

Routes into Languages East invites young writers to send in their poetry and verse for this multi-lingual poetry competition.  There are two categories:

  • Mother Tongue – pupils whose first language is not English are encouraged to submit a poem or song in their first language.  It can be an original piece, or a ‘remembered’ piece.  It can be written in any language.  The entry will be judged on a short paragraph (written in English) that explains the piece and its significance to the pupil. 
  • Other Tongue – pupils learning another language are encouraged to get creative with this language and submit an original poem for the competition. 


Mother Tongue / Other Tongue is open to all mainstream and supplementary secondary schools in the North West and pupils can enter as individuals or groups of any size.

Mother tongue:

This can be an original, creative piece, or a poem or song that is ‘remembered’ – i.e. something in your first language that you recall, or that has been told to you by a relative. This can be in any language but English and pieces must also include a short explanation of the inspiration behind the piece, where it comes from, or why it is important to the person submitting it. (No more than half a page)

Other tongue entries must be original poem and written in a language that is not the first language spoken by the person writing it.  This can be any language, including English (if it is not the writer’s first language)

All entries must be accompanied by a Mother Tongue Other Tongue 2013 Entry Cover Sheet (see below).



To submit by email, send your entry to, including all the details requested above and with the subject heading MTOT.

To submit by post: send a copy of your work remembering to include all the information and contact details listed above to:

Mother Tongue Other Tongue
Routes into Languages East
Hel 262
Anglia Ruskin University

A national celebration event will be held on November 7th 2013 in Manchester