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LSE German and the Eurozone Crisis Masterclass

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Monday, 9 July, 2012 - 00:00
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London School of Economics, Houghton St, London

This interactive day-long masterclass for Yr 11-13 students focuses on the timeline of the Eurozone crisis, the role of Germany and the austerity measures it endorses, the Greek bail-out, and the potential consequences to Greece, Spain and the whole Eurozone. It will discuss European policy by examining solutions put forward by Eurozone countries and academic experts in European politics. The masterclass will be followed by a debate.

No previous experience of German is required, both beginners and more advanced speakers of German will take part in German language sessions focusing on the language of international relations.

The masterclass will take place on 2nd July 2012, 10:00-15:30. For more information, please see click here.

To apply for the masterclass, please complete the application form, available at this link, and send to Renata Albuquerque at


Participants will:

• Take-part in a German master-class or taster
• Attend a master-class by a leading academic from LSE Politics Dept
• Discuss the issues explored in groups