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Broaden Your Horizons: Study Abroad Event for University Students

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Wednesday, 12 November, 2014 - 00:00
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North West
Manchester Metropolitan University, Geoffrey Manton Building, All Saints Campus

Broaden Your Horizons: Study Abroad Event

Wednesday 12th November 2014.  1pm – 3pm

Geoffrey Manton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University

Open to First Year Students across all disciplines


Broaden Your Horizons, is the awe inspiring event that opens you up to the possibility of studying or working abroad during your time at MMU.

You are invited to come along and find out just how much studying abroad can help you develop personally and professionally.

You can hear about the amazing experiences of studying abroad from our guest speakers from The BBC, Siemens, Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP) and The European Commission and how it helped them go on to be successful, or you can come along and talk to the recently returned students who have just been on a whirlwind adventure across Europe and the World.


Get all the information from MMU International on how to apply and find out where you can go, how you go, but more importantly, why you should go!


The event is designed to provide students with the inspiration, information and support they need to go out and study or volunteer abroad.


An exchange programme is one of the greatest opportunities available at university and our aim is to make our students see how it can benefit them. Students will discover what exchange programmes are available to them, how to apply, what financial support they could be entitled to, and most importantly, how the experience can change their lives.


There will be guest speakers from a range of different backgrounds who all have one thing in common: the year abroad. These speakers have partaken in the year abroad during university, and proceeded to utilize the skills and experience they gained to reach their current positions in their desired careers. There will also be representatives from volunteering organizations to talk about volunteering opportunities available to students, should they wish to partake in a different type of experience abroad. At the end of the talk there will be a panel question and answer session where students will have the opportunity to ask all speakers any questions and obtain further information.


Following the talk, there will be an information fair with refreshments where students have the opportunity to find out further information about the different countries available for study abroad, and talk to Erasmus and World Wide Exchange students who are currently studying at Manchester Metropolitan University on their exchange. This is a fantastic way for students to find out exactly what a study abroad experience can be like!


The benefits of attending the event are simple – students will discover opportunities that they might not have known were available to them. They will receive specific information about the going abroad process, as well as inspirational stories of how studying abroad has affected the lives of so many others. It is commonly thought that only students studying a language at university can go and study abroad, and we are here to show students that this is not always the case.