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Promoting the take-up of languages and student mobility


Share the year abroad experience!

Getting ready to leave on your year abroad? Would you like to share your rich experience with a class of language enthusiasts? 
Adopt-a-Class is where a university student on their year abroad keeps in touch with a secondary school language class. For example, a student going to Japan on their year abroad keeps in touch with a Japanese language class in London.

The Adopt-a-Class scheme aims to enthuse and encourage young people to continue to study languages at school, college or university. The student sends monthly updates to the class in the form of:
a Blog, Vlog, skype sessions, email, twitter, or any social media! The scheme helps school pupils see that language learning is about more than being in a classroom and encourages pupils to expand their knowledge beyond a textbook. It can be easily incorporated into the curriculum. 

By taking part in this project our ambassadors and schools...

  • have the opportunity to engage and bridge the experience abroad with their class in London.
  • accumulate valuable material with the content of their posts to prepare a report on their year abroad for their university.
  • keep track of their progress in learning the language. 
  • gain valuable written communication skills and experience of working with young people.

Former students who took part in this scheme enjoyed sharing pictures of their trips, sport activities, local recipes and general thoughts about their personal experience!   

The deadline for ambassador applications is on 5th May 2017. 
For more information please email:

If you wish to register your school, please follow this link or email