Our research projects have published their results.

Public Service Interpreting and Translation

As part of the Routes into Languages programme of work, the LLAS Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies commissioned research to explore Public Service Interpreting and Translation training provision in higher education in England, and the role of higher education in supporting the profession and the sector. The project was scoped by a group of experts working as teachers and researchers in the field of study.

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Community languages in higher education

report cover: Community Languages in Higher Education

Recommendations are made for future provision of world languages and development in universities, based on a comprehensive snapshot of the situation in higher education across England in 2007. Would a broader vision help to realise potential?

Languages and international events

report cover: Languages and international events

The report highlights best practice from large scale events including Olympics past, present and future. Recommendations are made to show how universities in the UK might contribute towards making Britain a generous host and cultural inspiration for 2012 and beyond. Are we ready to talk to the world?

Languages and enterprise

report cover: Languages and Enterprise

This report gives recommendations for language students and university departments to demonstrate entrepreneurship. Such enterprising attributes may be learnt during informal or formal learning contexts. How can your CV reflect this?


Each research strand will inform the work of the regional consortia and provide an evidence base for outreach activity and help to raise the profile of HE Languages.