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Promoting the take-up of languages and student mobility

Languages in Higher Education Sixth Form Conference (test page)

Tuesday, 16 June, 2020 - 13:45
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West Midlands


Welcome and thank you very much for visiting our virtual Languages in Higher Education Sixth Form Conference page.

Please see a short message from our regional project manager about how our conference is going to work this year.






 And then longer one on the day of the conference


Viewing the lectures and presentations

The lectures and presentations are all available for you to view through Panopto. This is software used to record university lectures and tutors can then upload them to on a virtual learning platform for students wishing to view the lecture if they were unable to attend or if they wish to re-watch it.

Panopto will allow you to view the lectures and presentations in different windows depending on whether you would rather see the tutor in the main picture, or prefer to see the presentation slides in the larger screen. It is up to you and you can change this to suit your own preferences.


Why Study Languages in Higher Education?

In the following video, our Regional Director, Dr Raquel Fernández Sánchez explains the benefits and opportunities of studying languages at University, the routes you can take to do this and the possible job opportunities it could lead to.



Insert Raquel’s video here



French – Honi Soit qui mal y pense

In her lecture, Dr Emmanuelle Labeau, Head of French at Aston University, talks about linguistic relations between Britain and France.


Insert Emmanuelle’s video here


German – Deutschland vor, während und nach der Wiedervereinigung

Dr Stefanie Kreibich, Teaching Associate in German at Aston University talks about Germany before, during and after Re-unification.


Insert Stefanie’s video here


Spanish – Regional Differences in Spain

In her lecture Elena Cancelas-Rodríguez, Spanish Teaching Associate at Aston University, talks about the regional differences in Spain focussing particularly on the region of Galicia.


Insert Elena’s video here


Languages at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Nicola Davies, Head of Languages for the Diplomatic Academy at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, talks about her own langauges journey and the role of languages  within the Foreign and Commonwealth office.


Insert Nicola’s video clips here